Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boardwalk Bike

Yellow Bicycle, 6 x 6 " oil on archival panel, ©2013, Fay Terry

$100. includes shipping
I was in Southport recently taking photos and spotted this pretty bike while walking near the yacht basin. It reminded me of last summer when the movie Safe Haven was being filmed here.
I know some folks who were extras in the film who could not say enough good things about Julianne Hough's friendliness and sweetness.
The movie opens February 14th, and as the female lead, she gets around town on a bike. It should be fun for those who know Southport to see some of their favorite locations in the movie.


  1. Lovely Fay, Bikes are hard - it's about forgetting it is a bike and just going for the actual shapes!! well done!

  2. Fay, I love the bike picture! I agree with Margaret, bikes are hard. The shadows are very interesting in here. It's always fun to watch a movie that I am familiar with the area it was filmed in.

  3. Brings back memories of warmer weather. Beautiful

  4. I love bikes and boardwalks! Great job of simplifying this complicated scene!

  5. Very nice Fay. Bicycles are fun and full of life. Great little painting.

  6. Wonderful subject to paint - and you took me right to a warm summer day, which is always welcome!

  7. This is a beautiful painting especially that spot of red and a bit of landscape flowing in!

    Loved the SH trailer. Some of the scenes (like the canoeing) was so stunning and paintworthy!


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