Friday, August 31, 2012

Change Of Season

Autumn Sheep, 24 x 30" oil on canvas, ©2012, Fay Terry

Available At Franklin Square Gallery

This is another one of the paintings in my show that runs through September 29th in Southport.
I meant to post it as I was getting paintings finished and ready to hang, but I guess I left this one out.
I wanted to give the sheep a very wooly texture and I think this worked out pretty well.  This is framed in a wonderful gold frame and looked wonderful hanging briefly over the fireplace in our bedroom. 

Hope everyone has a fun-filled long holiday week-end!

Flowers For A Blue Moon

Marigolds And Hydrangeas, 11 x 14, oil on canvas, ©2012, Fay Terry

The flower container is a very old canning jar that came from my grandmother's house in West Virginia. I seem to always use jars for summer flowers instead of putting them in a vase.
I was inspired to paint this because the Hydrangeas were catching the light and just seemed to be glowing. The bright yellow trio was like frosting on the cake and I just couldn't stop looking at them.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed painting them!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Summer Fragrance

White Flowers On Marble Table, 8 x 8" oil on panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

These may be the last of the Gardenias this summer so I am keeping them beside my bed to enjoy the amazing scent while I go to sleep and when I wake up. I just love their bold shiny leaves and pure white flowers.  They are still pretty when they turn a creamy yellow, but then most of the sweet scent is gone.
I will be taking this painting and a couple of others to my show at the beach to replenish the wall after a large painting sold.
If you are in Southport, N.C. this week-end I hope you will stop in to visit Franklin Square Gallery.

Tomorrow night is the night of a blue moon and it looks like the long week-end is going to be a really nice one.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Planting

Floral Six Pack, 6 x 6 " oil on archival panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

Yesterday I pulled out a whole bed of impatiens that had been gorgeous all summer but suddenly got "stripped" by unknown insects. I am going to put these flowers in their place to bloom until frost. The impatiens nearby in large pots were not bothered at all.  We usually do not get our first frost until early November so I am hoping that will be true this year.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long Distance Pears

South Aftican Pears, 6 x 6" oil on archival panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

These are the first fruits that I have seen in one of our local markets that were imported from South Africa.  
When I flew to Johannesburg a few years ago, the flight from Miami was a grueling twenty hours. I know that we get food from all over the world, but still I wondered how good these pears would be after traveling that far.  As beautiful and unblemished as they appeared, the first bite gave me the feeling that this was a pear that had been picked long before it was ripe.  Judging by the somewhat mealy texture but nice flavor, I would guess that they might be better left to be enjoyed closer to where they were grown. Even so, they sure are pretty and fun to paint!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Holding On To Summer

Festive Flowers, 6 x 6 " oil on panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

It is nice to be back in my studio painting again now that my show is hanging at Franklin Square Gallery.  The paintings have been finished for awhile, but the framing, wiring, pricing, and all the rest consumed most of my time last week. I was pretty happy with the end result. It is always a great feeling to step back and look at all the paintings together once they are on the wall. The show features twenty six new works.
There was a very nice article about the show in the State Port Pilot, which is the newspaper in Southport.  I am looking forward to the First Friday art walk and reception on Friday, September 7, 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  Please stop by and say hello if you are in the area.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Memories Of Sunshine

This is not the way the beach looked here today.  Most of the day has been filled with rain and dark, dark, clouds.  It was still a great day, but not a day for sitting on the beach.
This painting was donated to a silent auction at Episcopal Day School in Southern Pines a while back. A friend of mine bid on the painting and won it and decided to give it as a birthday present to her mother in law who is a huge Duke fan. Consequently, I was asked to make the little white trim on the side flap of the chair into a "D" for Duke. Can you even imagine how hard this was for a die-hard Carolina fan like me? Duke is the team we all love to hate. Anyway, we do things like this for friends

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, summer days

House On The Bluff, 12x12 oil on canvas, ©2011, Fay Terry

I am posting one of my favorites from the past which I would love to paint again. This one is on Bald Head Island and sits high up looking down on the ocean. The next time I am there, I'd like to paint a different view of it because it is such a classic, ageless beach house. I love the many ways the sun hits it and changes the color of the siding. This was the first house at the beach that I ever painted so it's time to revisit it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Longtime Favorites

Fresh Picks, 16 x 20 oil on canvas, ©2012, Fay Terry

It's hard to resist doing another Zinnia painting as summer winds down. Soon there will be a new season with new colors and subject matter.  I love all the changes, but warm sunny weather, a long growing season, and days on the beach make this my favorite time.
This painting is also going to my show in Southport and I will be delivering the paintings to the gallery on Thursday.
I hope you will stop by if you are in the area. The Opening Reception is Friday, September 7, from Five to seven PM.
Thanks for following my art.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting Along Swimmingly

Fishy, Fishy, 16 x 20 oil on canvas, ©2012


Available at Franklin Square Gallery, Southport, NC

Friday, August 17, 2012

Swedish Sunflower, 6x6" oil on gessobord panel, ©2012


Sunflowers do not have to be tall to be lovely.  This painting is from a photo taken on the day this was planted.  We were visiting in a pretty seaside town in Sweden and this was a gift for Inge, who was our wonderful hostess during our stay.  She immediately planted it beside her patio where she had lots of other beautiful flowers growing.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Color Tryouts

Summer Four, 6x6" oil on panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

You may already know just how much I love color and I have decided to experiment with color and shape more frequently with inspired designs like this one. It gives me an opportunity to paint without limitations of subject matter and to design a somewhat intuitive painting based on whatever floats through my mind.  What could be more fun than that?
I hope you enjoy this one. I actually got busy and forgot to post this yesterday.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Garden Shadows, 8 x 8 " oil on panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

This is a larger version of a scene that I painted once before. I am happy to report that all of these plants are now blooming in our garden and doing very well since we've had lots of rain.  The Shasta daisies are one of my favorites because they keep going all summer.

Thank you for viewing my art and I hope you will comment occasionally and share this painting with a friend by forwarding it to them.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Watermelon Time

Cold Slices, 8 x 8 " oil on panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

These watermelon pieces just had to be painted because I love the way they are leaning on each other and creating those beautiful shadows. It was really fun to do this and show the nice bright green rind. This will be one of the summer themed paintings in my show in Southport.  I hope that you will stop by and see it if you are in the area between August 27th and September 29th. You may contact me for purchase information.

Thank you for following my blog and please forward this to a friend who would enjoy seeing it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peaceful Spot

Lobster Boat At Rest, 8x8" oil on cradled panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

This is a beautiful spot on the Kennebunk River where  the variety of boats is amazing. You see everything from huge yachts to small inflatable boats and lots of working boats like this one.
I have stayed for hours and painted near this location while watching the continual parade of boats coming and going.  What fun!
I certainly had a great time painting this one and I hope you like it. I will probably paint a larger version of this one soon. This is the same boat that is in my recent painting "Checking The Traps".
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Making Every Summer Minute Count

Summer Bouquet, 6x6" oil on panel, ©2012, Fay Terry

We just got back from Austin, Texas. We attended Aunt Eleanor's ninetieth birthday party and had a great time with relatives we had not seen in quite a while. Austin is a terrific city. It was hot, but without the humidity we're used to in N.C., so it didn't feel bad at all.
It was nice to get back into my studio today and this is what I painted. Once again, it rained in the late afternoon so I had a hard time getting a good photo outside.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Are Never Finished

Helen's Bouquet With Cherries, 16x20 oil on canvas, ©2012, Fay Terry

This painting will be in my show in Southport, NC, August 27-September 29

I began this painting in Greensboro last week when I painted with friends and it has since had many different looks. I kept changing things and I am still not certain that I am finished with it but we'll see.
It had an orange cloth up close to the vase and I finally decided to take it out. I also started out with a much darker background and it seemed off balance so I re-worked the background so that it is more in tune with the summery feel of the Zinnias. I still wanted the tablecloth to read as white so I added some soft lavender and some strokes of very pale green. I love the cherries and I think they are not at all overpowered by the flowers.
I would love to hear what you think!