Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Paddle Boarding

Early Morning Wrightsville Beach, 8 x 8" oil on Raymar Panel, ©Fay Terry, 2015

My son Geordan loves stand up paddling.  I was on the boardwalk with our granddaughter, Maggie,  and we were all watching him and the dolphins as they swam and played.  I have never seen so many at one time, at least a dozen. We could hear them making sounds through their blowholes. There is something magical about watching their dorsal fins slice through the water and catching a glimpse of their sparkling arched dives.  Their dorsal fins can be seen in most of my photos, but their rising above the water in pairs is a beautiful memory.

We are fortunate to see dolphins off our shores year-round. The animals we spot are bottlenose dolphins and they seem as mysterious as they are magical. They do migrate, but it is not known whether they are heading north and south, or traveling inshore or offshore.


  1. How fun! I had the blessing of seeing a gigantic group of them near Sebastian, FL, (east coast) and it was exhilirating.

    1. I was planning to try it on Sunday, but we had to get on the road early and everything was put away. Next time...
      Hope your summer has been fun.


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