Saturday, September 27, 2014

Twenty Eight Of Thirty

Golf Cart Garage, 6 x 6 " oil on panel, ©2014, Fay Terry

$100, free shipping

I am back again to one of my favorite islands, Bald Head, with a painting of the golf cart garage of a home near Flora's Bluff. Palm trees have not been in my painting repertoire very long; I have found  that I love to paint them, it's such fun.
The main mode of transportation on Bald Head is by golf cart. Every home has at least one for going to the Maritime Market, the beach, restaurants, coffee shop, hardware store, etc.  Yes, people do walk but it is a long way to go sometimes and a cart is a must. The roads are all paved and wide so it's easy to get around.
Bald Head Island is one of the East Coast's most important nesting grounds for loggerhead turtles.
Above the door you can see the copper shape of the baffled light. BHI has had a lighting ordinance since 2001 to protect the female loggerhead turtles and hatchlings from dangers associated with exposure to artificial light. Lights must be shielded from horizontal view.


  1. Beautiful colors, especially that door. Makes me want to open it. We are almost there, to 30 that is!!!

  2. They are just so cute and this one is perfect with the color selection


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