Thursday, March 28, 2013

Naan Bread

Azeeza Baking Bread, 20 x 24" oil on canvas

available, contact me

This is the outdoor kitchen of a home I visited while I was touring India. The house was three rooms and this cooking area. Azeeza let us help make the bread and then she baked it over the open fire. It was an unforgettable experience, like many other things on that trip. 
I loved India, and the people were quite remarkable. I have many more ideas for paintings of this beautiful, colorful country, many of them highlighting the wonderful foods.

Thanks for looking at the art I post here.


  1. Beautiful painting. I am very impressed with your drawing skills. Makes me feel like I am really there and being thankful that I can stand to slide something in the oven. Thanks for sharing your trip via your art.

    1. hamsaveni:so nice....incredible art

    2. hamsaveni:this paintind is so nice....incredibleart....very good try....

  2. this is so nice....i think hiis hand has some power...incredible....


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