Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beautiful Day In Pinehurst

Pinehurst Carriage Ride, 20 x 16 ", ©2013, Fay Terry


This is one of the larger paintings I have been working on. I always love seeing this horse and driver.  This path is beside Pinehurst Number Two, where the 2014 U.S. Open will be played. The carriage rides begin in the Village of Pinehurst  which is a beautiful area. I love living here in the Pines.

My older son and his new bride rode in a carriage like this, beautifully decorated for their wedding day, from the church to the reception. They were on this path beside the golf course and had a nice long, leisurely ride to the Pinehurst Fair Barn for their reception.

I appreciate you for looking at my art on this blog.
Contact me if you are interested in this painting.

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  1. What a beautiful painting of a beautiful day! I can almost feel the sunshine! :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely art.


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