Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aah, Summer!

Checking The Traps, 20x16 oil on canvas, ©2012, Fay Terry

This painting will be in my upcoming show in 
Southport, NC, at Franklin Square Gallery

The study for this painting was done a few days ago on an 8x10 panel, and I had such a great time working larger for this one.
 It was a sparkling clear morning in Maine when I spotted these lobstermen while we were coming back from Cape Porpoise, Maine in my cousin's boat. I was lucky to get such a great photo to work from since both our boats were in motion. 
Now I am really excited about painting ocean vessels There are so many things I love to paint, and summer scenes at the coast are high on my list. 

Thank you for viewing my paintings, following my blog, leaving comments, and all the great things you say about my work when I see you in the grocery store, etc.  Please feel free to forward this to someone you think would enjoy it and  maybe they'll want to subscribe to my blog.

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  1. Boats are tough..great job!..yea for summer indeed


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