Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eight More Days Of Summer

Sirens Of The Garden, 6 x 6 " oil on gessobord panel, ©2015, Fay Terry

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The tomatoes have been especially good this season, just like this summer has been. There are still 8   glorious days of summer, my favorite time of year.  The end comes on Wednesday, September 23, at 4:21 am. I'm not sure how this information is arrived at, nevertheless, I am happy to know the exact time this really great summer closes out.
I am not a fan of Autumn and Winter but I manage to find ways to make them bearable.  There are actually a few good things about them, one of which is North Carolina basketball. Another is the occasional snowfall that we get. Last but not least is hot cocoa.

I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday spending time with a fellow artist, blogger, and participant in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I have followed the work of Los Angeles artist Carol Steinberg in several previous challenges so when she let me know that she would be in NC, I jumped at the chance to meet her in person. Carol and I had much fun in Durham and Raleigh. We went to a large art gallery in Raleigh, sat outside in North Hills talking about art and getting to know each other, visited a second gallery in Cary then ended up at Whole Foods which we both love. Also we laughed a lot and took photos.  You can see Carol Steinberg's paintings Here.

 Here we are, late afternoon in Cary. Thanks, Carol!


  1. Beautiful composition and colors, Fay! Keep up the good work-halfway there!

  2. Love the colors! I'm looking forward to that other blue team! Go Big Blue?

  3. Hey, Fay! I tried to comment last night, wrote a long thing and then it disappeared! Anyway, 1) I feel the same way about the seasons as you do! 2) Love the painting! 3) Did you enjoy the snacks I encouraged you to buy? I went back and got that Savannah lotion and I do like it. 4) It was so great meeting you! Oh, and the reason I have not been in touch, besides being on the road, is that when we got back, my computer died and it's been hard to get back on top of things because of it. We just got a new one and working on getting it up and running still...but I thought of you last night when I was finally managing to post using B's computer.


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