Friday, April 13, 2012

Replacement Needed!

Fay Terry, Vintage Watering Can, 5 x 7" oil on Gessobord panel. © 2012.

My father loved gardening, and as a child I loved being his helper. Ever since those days I have felt that gardening must include a large galvanized watering can similar to the one my dad used.
I painted this today from a photo I took
and remembered that my watering can was destroyed by lightning last summer. I think it's time for me to shop for a new one.


  1. You MUST describe how the watering can was destroyed by lightning =:-0
    I am too intrigued.

    1. I left the watering can outside under a large Pine tree . We had a terrible thunderstorm and the tree was hit by lightning and it traveled down to the ground and bent the metal watering can totally out of shape and took off the spout .
      So amazing to see the power of nature in the weather.


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