Friday, April 27, 2012

Beach Day

Fay Terry, BEACH STRIPES, 6 x 12" oil on canvas, ©2012

I just love the way this woman looked with her black straw hat and all her necessities for a day at the beach.  I can just feel the sun beating down and smell the salt water.  I am so happy that warm beach weather is here.  I love the beach any time of year but especially when the temperatures are 75 degrees or above. In North Carolina we are usually talking about far above that number. 
Sometimes when I take my finished painting outside to photograph it, I notice something I would like to change.  In this case, I noticed that I want the water a little darker so that is the one slight change I will make to this painting.


  1. Your beach paintings are wonderful Fay

    1. Page, I keep reminding myself to only paint what I love. Sometimes I will try something else just to see if I can paint it, but If I only have that for my motivation it doesn't always work out.
      I hope that with more and more paintings behind me I will be able to drop away some of the "structure" and capture things more loosely. Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot to me.


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