Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nowhere To Hide

           Nowhere To Hide
This pear is not as bold as yesterday's pear.  This one declined a spot in front and prefers to remain mostly in the shadows. I am once again experimenting with color and it's fun with all my painting props to try different combinations.

On a somber note, one of my galleries is closing and I received a message yesterday to come and pick up my paintings at the Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island.  It has been wonderfully managed for BHI incorporated by Shawn Best and I wish her the best in what she endeavors next.
(Hopefully she will have more time for her own painting, as she is a wonderful artist)


  1. The color scheme and overlapping shapes really draw my eye here-very nice. Sorry to hear of galleries closing :(

    1. Thanks, Mary. I think I want to spend some time really working on composition. Any good resources that you know of?


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