Wednesday, February 22, 2012

City Traffic

City Traffic
I painted this for the challenge which was posted by Terry Miura on his blog Studio Notes
The scene in the photo provided was very complex and the directions were to simplify as much of the information in the photo as you could.  There were other guidelines provided by Terry which 
were very helpful.  Thanks, Terry, for the interesting and fun challenge.

6 x 8 in. oil on panel


  1. Awesome painting- just looked at the photo and you did a wonderful job on this. Looks like a fun challenge! Interesting and loved learning about it!

    1. One of the best things I learned was not to be afraid to try something totally new in painting. It's so easy just to stay where I'm comfortable but this was really fun to try. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Kathy.

  2. Fay, you did a fantastic job on this painting. I can't believe this was something new for you! I had seen Terry's challenge and wanted to try it also.


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