Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fruit Break

Fruit Break
Yesterday I ate all the orange that was not in my painting set up and I forgot to go back and get the rest after I took a photo of the painting. No waste today-I've already seen to that. I had fun painting the pattern on the tablecloth.  I have noticed  that certain shades of blue do not always photograph the way they really are.  This plate, for example, is more of a bright teal with more green in it than the photo shows.  Anybody have any photography tips to solve that?  I always take the painting outdoors to shoot it the way Carol Marine taught us.
6 x 6 in.  oil on museum quality panel
$100 includes shipping


  1. What a sunshine-y painting! I feel like I'm getting my vitamin D just looking :)

  2. Right on Mary..This painting is bursting with life ..energy..vit C and D

  3. Thanks, Mary and Page for your comments. I was in a very bright color mood yesterday and having fun with it.

  4. Such a happy painting :) I sometimes have to play with my photo in photoshop elements to tweak the color back where it belongs. Sometimes shooting it outdoors makes it bluer due to the blue light. Hope that helps!

    1. A beautiful painting Fay. The colours look perfect to me. Great style and design too.

      XO Barbara


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