Tuesday, October 18, 2011

120 Paintings

1.  Endless Summer
This is the first of one hundred twenty paintings that I plan to paint from life in varying sizes.
I have been doing mainly 6x6 inch paintings, and even though many of them are from life, I feel the urge to intensify my efforts to improve my painting skills more rapidly. While doing these paintings I plan to work on certain ideas in each painting. In this painting I wanted to practice painting glass and get more depth in a still life setup with Hydrangeas.  As much as I love these flowers which are still blooming in my yard, capturing them the way I'd like to in paint continues to elude me. I spent about an hour and a quarter on this. I got this idea from a wonderful artist,
Debra Pero. Click on her name to see her blog.


  1. Well done, my friend! I think it's lovely, and great job beginning this journey! I will link your blog on mine if that's okay...
    I scrolled down and like "Morning Light" very much. Great sense of light in that one!

  2. This painting is beautiful..sensitive and soft. Congrats on making your commitment to your art..It will be fun to watch you and enjoy your process


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