Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Snow Covered Mountains, 9 x 12" acrylic on Raymar Panel, ©2015

My goals in this painting were to achieve depth and to contrast the shadow pattern with the areas in light.  It was fun painting snow on the high peaks, something I have not painted before.  This is another landscape painted partially in the workshop I recently took with John Poon. 
A few days ago I could have painted outdoors here in Pinehurst, but now we are experiencing ice covered ground and roads, and a dusting of snow on top this afternoon. I think there will be some warm days, in the sixties, very soon.
I am happy that we have just seventeen days until daylight savings time begins.

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  1. This is sO deep Fay. I just keep seeing more as I look at it. Love the mountains and I especially love thT little peek of the creek or river and all that shadow in the foreground.


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