Thursday, February 5, 2015

Painting Workshop

I have heard from a few blog followers telling me they have missed seeing my daily paintings recently. (Thank you, guys!) I miss you, too.
So I am posting instead, a wonderful photo taken by the artist I am studying with this week. The photo was taken some time ago by John Poon, our wonderful teacher, at a place not far from here in North Carolina.  We used this today to do a value study. I will post all the paintings I've done in class as soon as I can photograph them.

I am learning a great deal and enjoying five days of painting with a great group of folks at Dan Beck's Studio and gallery in Wilmington. 
My internet access has not been available until now and I am glad that some of you miss me. I'll be back to posting regularly this week-end and thanks for writing to me.


  1. Have Fun! Can't wait to see your work when you get back.

    1. Thanks, Sharon, hope you're staying warm in Kentucky. I know your show will be a great success.


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