Monday, November 14, 2011

Gift From A Friend

Gift From A Friend

This painting is by my good friend Sara and I received it today in the mail. It is an oil painting, done entirely with a painting knife.  I decided that I would like to try painting and Sara was my first teacher when I began with water color.  She recently switched form watercolor to oils and paints every day.  I don't get to see her anymore because she has gone to live near one of her daughters in Wisconsin. Sara is almost 89 years old now. You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this.  It is a scene from a very famous tulip garden,  taken a few years ago when Sara and I traveled with a group to the Netherlands. We met the woman in the painting at Keukenhof Gardens, where she works with the tulips every day.
I hope that I am still painting when I am eighty-nine!

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  1. How wonderful. Yes..This painting will keep us happy till the a ripe old age


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