Monday, November 7, 2011

Take Nothing For Granted

Take Nothing For Granted   Sold
12/120 paintings from life
I am still enjoying the Hydrangeas blooming beside the porch and I guess painting them is my way of being thankful that they are still as beautiful as they were all summer. Last year they continued to bloom until December but you never know when they might stop this year.
6 x 6 in. oil on Gessobord

All my 6x6's are marked down because November is
my birthday month and a great time to shop for gifts.
Let me know if you find one in a previous post and I will change the paypal button 
to reflect the sale price.


  1. Wow, Fay -- how is it that you still have hydrangeas blooming this late? I don't have any here in SC. Lucky you! This painting has nice energy, and I really like the title.

  2. This is beautiful..and imagine being able to paint fresh hydrangeas in Nov!

  3. Thanks Page and Linda, These are a variety called "Endless Summer" and they really live up to their name. They start blooming early and bloom until frost.


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