Friday, May 16, 2014

Tiny Floral

Southport Rose, 4 x 4 " oil on panel, ©2014, Fay Terry

On a recent trip to Southport, I saw the most beautiful rose garden bordering the sidewalk at Lois Jane's  Riverview Inn.  It was mid morning and the sunlight was making the roses look even more magical than you would think possible. I took photos of every color bloom in the garden, so there are plenty more paintings of these coming up. 
I am getting some large paintings ready and these cute little tiny ones are pretty time consuming, but really fun to paint. I hope to keep producing a small one each day and then work on my large paintings.
I am going to send these in frames to ONE ELEVEN MAIN  where a lot of my paintings are sold. (thank you Betsy, Julie, and Erin) I want to have plenty of paintings available there for the two weeks of the men's and women's  US Open Golf Tournaments. We are expecting a huge number of visitors to Pinehurst and no doubt they will want to shop in Aberdeen, Southern Pines, and Pinehurst.


  1. Beautiful painting.Lovely brush strokes.

  2. Roses are sooooo haaaarrrrrd and you nailed it. Love all the color.


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