Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pine History

Conifer Cone, 6 x 6 " oil on gessobord panel, ©2014, Fay Terry

Available Framed at ONE ELEVEN MAIN

 Pine trees have been important to the economy of our state for about two hundred years.  Much of NC's past was shaped by the longleaf pine. Cattlemen, turpentine producers, loggers, and even health resorts ( which is why Bostonian James Walker Tufts founded Pinehurst ) were born within and thrived under the longleaf pine. Its historic importance is recognized through the State Toast and the official State Tree.
What I find most amazing is the fact that of the estimated 1630 plants found in the southeast, more than half of them are found only in the longleaf ecosystem. This astonishing biodiversity is second only to a tropical rainforest.

I have always found trees fascinating because my dad graduated from the University Of Georgia in 1936 with a degree in Forestry and immediately got a job in Africa managing rubber tree plantations for Firestone. He knew and loved every species of tree and though I don't have his knowledge, I do love trees of all kinds.



  1. Great to read this! Learn something new every day. Your painting is so good- love the strength and color. I've been enjoying your posts so much!

  2. What an interesting story and great painting. Love the color combination and the way you painted your pine cones. I have a time share in Hilton Head and collect BIG pine cones when I play golf there. I've been intimidated by their complexity. Your painting inspires me to give it a try.


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