Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Different Day

Two Camellias, 5 x 7 " oil on linen panel,©2013, Fay Terry

$100. free shipping

This was an early morning painting because I knew I would be out most of the day. I even cut these Camellias last night so I wouldn't have to go out in the morning to get them.
It has been a gorgeous day, with temperatures in the high seventies and my friend and I had lunch together and shopped, then had afternoon coffee. What a fun day it has been and tonight my husband is taking me to dinner. I will get back in my routine tomorrow but it's been nice to play for an entire day.

Thanks for looking at my art!


  1. I love camellia's and these are a beautiful color. I first saw them in big bloom visiting my daughter at William and Mary but my gosh I have a friend with a huge camellia tree here in Rhode Island. Lovely painting.

  2. So lovely! I've been enjoying your pieces .


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