Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sun And Shadow

Sunloving, 8 x 8 " oil on panel

This painting just sold at the Sunset River Gallery at the beach.  It is framed in a wide gold wood frame and is one of my favorites (aren't they all? just like children). I am pleased that it will be making someone happy.

In other news, I am in Maine, loving every minute, especially the ones that include lobster.  Yesterday I had a wonderful day and got to meet two of my favorite blogger artists. I'll share that when I can post again.
I hope you have missed me, because I miss ya'll.


  1. Lovely painting. Sometimes I feel my works are my children and it is hard to say goodbye. And my goodness I am thrilled, honored and beyond words to have received a surprise visit from you Saturday. It truly made my day Fay!
    Have a fabulous time in painting in Maine.

  2. Love this painting and glad you are having such fun.


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