Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Candles And Zen"

I used to be obsessed with coffee
but since I have started having a cup
of green tea each morning(brought to me
in bed by my  husband, no less)
I am much less hooked on coffee than I
was before.


  1. I'm hooked on tea ;)
    This is a nice painting.

  2. I found you on Mary Sheehan WInns blog- I love what you are doing and lucky you to have a green tea bearing husband!
    I think this is great.
    Happy painting!

  3. Fay... found you in the same place - and I'll tell you there's great appeal to getting that tea in that fashion. My husband goes to the local coffee shop each morning with a thermos, then he finds my favorite cup and brings me mine! Great guys!


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